About Papua Adventures

Papua Adventures are specialists in adventure-tourism,
leading small group tours (1-6 persons) into the least known areas of Papua for
the last 18 years. We offer several tours, but can customize a tour to any place within Papua. Our reputation is respected in Papua and all who have travelled with us from many
Western countries.

Our extensive knowledge of this fascinating and exotic wilderness grew from a passion for navigating unexplored territory and negotiating contact with remote tribes. Our investment in this mysterious land is not limited to our knowledge of the terrain and the logistics of negotiating it. We are invested in relationships with the people of Papua that have been so generous with their hospitality toward us; welcoming us again and again into their secluded world.

People from all walks of life; young and old, researchers, anthropologists, journalists, photographers, and adventurers have put their trust in us because we create common goals and have the experience and infrastructure to realize them. From tribal Chiefs to police Chiefs, porters, translators, hunters and transportation specialists of all kinds, our network of contacts is extensive.

We are an American based company exploring new areas for ecotourism. We bring with us respect for the environment to all of our endeavors. We are a culturally sensitive operation. Our philosophy toward meeting new cultures is to meet on their terms and only go where we are invited. Our contact is appropriate and negotiated based on circumstances - from brief contact to extended hospitality. We submit to the tribe's evaluation of our arrival and let them determine their interest in knowing us. Sometimes we are welcomed and other times a brief encounter is appropriate.

Papua is known as the "land of the unexpected" because Papua is truly a unique locale, full of pristine rain-forests and home to the most ethnologically primitive people on earth. We offer distinct tours you won't find with any other tour companies; to take you where few, if any, have gone before. Our organization allows us to limit unexpected expenses and keep you informed and prepared for the trip before arrival and during your journey.

Travelers come to Papua seeking a once in a lifetime adventure. Some are looking for something they know they won't find anywhere else in the world. Many will have the adventure of a lifetime. A lot will depend on who you allow to show you around this mysteriously primitive land. Let Papua Adventures help you get the very most out of your trip.

We've opened up new areas to visit in the Korowai and Kombai tribal areas, and continue to update and expand the tours we offer.

We are offering a visit to a nomadic Tause tribe in the Mamberamo-Waropen districts up in northern Papua. This has been one of our most popular tours but we've streamlined an itinerary of only 10 days. Clients will have the option of a 10 tour featuring a base camp and daily treks as well as our 12-day option, which requires more extensive jungle trekking.

The Trans-Papua Expedition
This is the chance of a lifetime to make history along with us, as we become the first people to cross the island of Papua from Merauke in the eastern most ends to Sorong on the tip of the most western part of Papua. As far as we know it's never been done before, and we hope to have some special guests joining us.

Tause Tribe: Mamberamo/Waropen Tour and Crocodile Hunting tour
is an option for those looking for a shorter tour with less heavy jungle trekking.
It includes a visit with crocodile hunters.

Biak-Supiori Islands Surfing Tour
A brand new adventure for surfing enthusiasts. Papua has some of the best and least known surfing spots in the world. And it doesn't have the crowds of Nias or other Mentawai islands.

Exploratory Expedition
This expedition is different than any other tour or trek that we or anyone else can provide. We will be heading into areas previously unknown to Westerners; never visited by Westerners and where the native people have little or perhaps no knowledge of our existence at all.

We will visit tribes that still use stone axes; who live and gather food from the rain forest. We know these tribes exist because we have connections with Papuans who have had brief encounters with them. We have had lots of experience in Papua with remote tribes and have already made several first contacts. We have spent over 20 years trekking around in various parts of Papua and have 15 years experience guiding people into these more rarely visited and remote areas.

Send us an email for more information about these tours or to customize your own itinerary.
Our guides will respond with any additional information you require. We develop an individual relationship with our client that begins with initial email contact. We look forward to helping you realize the adventure of a lifetime.

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